Want a Classy Kitchen? 3 Reasons to Consider Coloured Glass Splashbacks

The kitchen environment is too delicate when it comes to hazards and possible causes of damage. The fire from the cooking appliances, water, soup, food particles and smoke are typical sources of damage to your kitchen's walls and floor. If you intend to install a splashback in your kitchen, you need to choose the right material for its surfaces. Glass is one of the splashback materials whose popularity has risen a lot over the past few years. [Read More]

Five Good Reason to Tint Your Home's Windows

Although home window tinting services have been around for a while, many Australian homeowners choose to keep on with their current glazing unaltered. This can even extend after their windows have come to the end of their working lives and need to be replaced. All too often, exterior windows are replaced on a like-for-like basis when they could be upgraded with tinted ones. After all, there are numerous benefits you can enjoy from them. [Read More]

Why You Should Repair a Broken Window as Soon as Possible

Windows are an important part of every house. They provide you with a view to the outside world while keeping out the elements and unwanted pests. And without windows, your home would be a dungeon. But when a window is damaged or broken, then you lose some of the benefits that it once offered your home. When you break or crack a window in your home, fix it as soon as you can. [Read More]

Reasons to Add Security Screens to Your Residential Windows

When it comes to the security of your home and the safety of those who occupy it, you shouldn't take any chances — it's important to ensure that all safety and security threats are effectively addressed.  With that said, your windows are one of the components of your home that you should pay attention to. Beyond allowing natural light and streams of fresh air into your home's interior, windows are potential entry points for intruders. [Read More]